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Made to Parade met up with Victor, Terrence and Graham to talk about the history of Portadown Defenders in this their 50th Anniversary year. The guys had lots of stories to share about how the band was formed, what those early days were like and how things are going for the band today.

Made to Parade is delighted to be able to produce this episode to the help the band celebrate this significant moment in their history.

The band have released a new CD to coincide with the anniversary and its a real treat as it include a second CD that has the very first recording the band ever done as well! CD's are available from the band via their FaceBook page and are priced @ £10.

We have one more bonus episode to come and then we will take a break before starting to record Season 5. Season 5 will hopefully see all the podcasts being available via video on our YouTube channel as well so there are even more ways for people to engage with the podcast.

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Thank you to British Drum Co for sponsoring the podcast, its great having your support and look forward to that continuing into the future.

Until the next episode keep sharing your positive stories.

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