#271: DIY / Alt Soul / Boom Bap / Blak Musik / Worldwide


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magz 271
Melissa Inya - Stomp Blues
Bloody Immigrants - 32
Sulu and Excelsior - Mad Dog Magic
Ni-Emah Bugg - Emerald
Garlic Man - I'll Be Down
Afia - We Don't
Moor Mother & Billy Woods -The Blues Remembers Everything The Country Forgot
Derivative Sessions - Hunter's Moon
The Primeridian & Rashid Hadee - Loonng Time Coming (feat. Thaione Davis)
The Primeridian & Rashid Hadee Rashid Hade - Worrrk It Ouuutt
MF Doom X The Beat Guy - Gazzillionaire
Kianja - For Sure
Sy Smith - Feeling Good feat. DominiqueXavier
Low Alamode - Let You Go
Soul Hunters - Where Has All The Love Gone
The Martin Gachiri Experience - L.O.S.T.
Sean Oliver - L.O.S.T.
Skandouz - SKANtroChuck
The Cool Campaign - Get It All
Jay Cinema - LUVKILL3
Paragon Don - Love
Foolie $URFIN & Jus Lovehall - Electric Lady
Thad Saajid - Solitude
Dave B - 333
p.rob - six
Bananaman - I Just Spent A Whole Lotta Money
Claude Imanuel - neighborhood
Yoshisuhn - The Alchemist
DCee Musik - Alone
Lt.baD - Rad Party
Danielle Grubb - Need Me, Interlude
Ill Doot - Phantasmicsooperfrizzdefied
Micall Parknsun - Go Get it
Mr Pigeons - Spiritual Brains
Isatta Sheriff - Wonderful
TemiOyedele - Pilgrims (Afrika Society Outer-step Mix)

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