239: Trademarks of Top Sales Reps With Tom Williams (Replay)


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Thank you for 1 million downloads of Make It Happen Mondays Podcast! We are incredibly grateful for your listenership and couldn’t be more proud of this milestone. Let’s countdown the top 5 episodes of all time!

Episode #4: This replay of Episode 129 welcomes Tom Williams, Head of DealPoint (part of Clari), onto the podcast. Tom joins us and brings a ton of ideas on how top sales reps can be their best-self and make those small tweaks that really make the difference. We’re talking small tweaks to how you find the right prospects, how you run your calls and how you follow up. Nothing that any sales rep can’t do. Like us, Tom wants top sales reps to keep honing their craft to become even better every day. In this episode, you will learn about establishing transparency & trust, finding your best customers, and the “Mutual Action Plan” follow up.

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