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A Rolex watch and Peloton coverage topped the list of presidential “scandals” Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood were none to happy to read about this week. They dive into why the media (ahem) shouldn’t be spending so much time on this kind of coverage. Later in the show, they’ll finally share their very specific predictions for 2021 and pay tribute to the late home run king, Hank Aaron. Plus, a short round of “Half Full, Half Empty.” Have a great weekend! Here’s everything we talked about today:

Is That a Rolex on Biden’s Wrist?” from The New York Times

Biden Has a Peloton Bike. That Raises Issues at the White House.” also from The New York Times

People Are So, So Mad at GameStop Investors and FinTok Influencers” from Vice

GameStop soars nearly 70%, trading briefly halted amid epic short squeeze” from CNBC

Hank Aaron, Home Run King Who Defied Racism, Dies at 86” from The New York Times

Pandemic drives backyard ice rink boom” from Marketplace

Instacart is firing every employee who voted to unionize” from The Verge

Finally, here are all the links to listen to Dessa’s song “Who’s Yellen Now?

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