#7 Becky Baybrook: culture, candor, and how Millenials are changing management


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  • What Becky's work is about [0:02:40]
  • Becky's background [0:05:06]
  • What does "culture" mean? [0:09:33]
  • The culture health spectrum [0:11:44]
  • One of Becky's favorite books of all time [0:15:52]
  • What are the cultural traps people fall into in difficult situations? [0:21:36]
  • How leaders at the top screw up culture [0:24:27]
  • The biggest trap execs fall into from what Becky sees [0:24:54]
  • The rising managerial influence of Millenials [0:26:25]
  • How do rising Millenial leaders need to mature? [0:33:35]
  • Transitioning from individual contributor to manager [0:36:49]
  • Coaching: seeing when someone is "catchable" [0:38:18]
  • The nuances of candor [0:44:03]
  • The limits of transparency [0:45:14]
  • Disclosure versus transparency [0:46:43]
  • The 3 things that build trust in a culture [0:49:55]
  • What is psychological safety? [0:52:04]
  • A quick way to check psychological safety [0:56:33]
  • Becky's advice for founders on fear & perception [0:58:44]
  • How to start creating psychological safety? [1:01:41]
  • The steps after "don't be that guy" [1:03:05]
  • what does "safe" mean? [1:06:50]
  • How can you start creating safety when it's missing? [1:12:37]
  • "Culture fit" vs "culture add" [1:17:47]
  • As a job candidate, how to assess if a culture is a good fit for you? [1:19:01]
  • Generational preferences and boundaries at work [1:23:51]
  • Will millenials always have a different relationship with work than their parents? [1:28:12]
  • As an interviewee, how do you test for culture match? [1:30:54]
  • What do interviewees ask that they shouldn't ask? [1:34:55]
  • Overlooked areas in the interview process [1:35:52]
  • "It wasn't what I thought it would be..." [1:37:24]
  • The question job candidates SHOULD ask [1:37:34]
  • How can someone learn what they ACTUALLY need in a work environment? [1:39:17]
  • How do you tell how much of the cultural iceberg is above/below the waterline? [1:41:22]
  • At what size of company do you need dedicated HR? [1:47:15]
  • Why should a small company or startup invest in culture now, with other urgent work to do? [1:49:30]
  • What one change should a leader make to enliven their team environment? [1:53:08]

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