5 Important Mindset Shifts to Increase Your Chances of Success


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Keeping up with responsibilities, chores, and all the tasks of everyday life sometimes can feel like one gigantic and heavy weight. If you are looking for strategies for making things feel a lot lighter, this episode is for you.

Learn how to eradicate roadblocks, reduce your fears, work with greater ease, create more room to move and to create, and be more comfortable with the challenges that come in life in this episode. The 5 mindset shifts that you’ll hear about will help you to perform at a higher level, without increasing your stress -- and who wouldn’t want that?!


  • [5:13] Getting comfortable with the range of possibilities in front of you
  • [6:26] How to live and work from a place of love and comfort, instead of fear
  • [8:15] The moment in which Dr. Li started to doubt her academic abilities
  • [11:38] Why it is important to begin decluttering
  • [14:16] The importance of trying new things


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