6 Ways to Boost Your Focus Without Getting Overwhelmed


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Okay, I have an inkling as to why you might be here. You’re here because you’re feeling overwhelmed, right? Or maybe you’re here because you get overwhelmed often and want to take the steps necessary to help prevent it? Maybe you also want to start being more productive without all the chaos? Well, my friend, you're in the right place.
In this episode, I’ll be sharing six of my best tips for overcoming overwhelm and how you can start using those strategies RIGHT NOW. I know for a fact that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I want quick, fast relief and I have a sense that you might be feeling the same way.
I hope that you find this episode helpful and easily applicable to anything you’re feeling overwhelmed with in your life.


[2:54] - Overwhelm is NOT our natural state of being

[5:38] - The 6 action steps you can start taking right now to overcome overwhelm

[11:22] - “If you want to get things done, you can’t always be available.”


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