Get Strong and Confident without Losing Your Vulnerability with Rebecca Snowball


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Finding pure bliss in life without negative consequences on the body was something my guest, Rebecca Snowball, was on a quest to have. Her journey of self-love and kicking her negative habits is an inspiring one and I hope it inspires you to seek the joy and the thrills of finding yourself so you can be exactly who you were meant to be.

In this episode, Rebecca Snowball, a yoga instructor and CEO of Yoga Soul, tells her story of how her own journey back to herself which included losing weight, eating healthy, and recommitting to her yoga practice and fitness routine, led her to create the Vibrant Yoga Woman Membership program.


[3:01] - The journey towards self love

[7:01] - The reason why we feel the gaps inside of us need to be filled.

[14:12] - Using mindfulness to kick a bad habit

[14:51] - The three C’s that make change more possible

[23:41] - Vulnerability isn’t always a sign of weakness

[26:20]- The four M’s of being strong


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