How to Change Your Relationship With Food and Find Your Inner Glow With Kristin Fraser


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When we feel good on the inside and out, your inner power shifts. This week’s episode is all about empowerment and taking back control over your health. My special guest, Kristin Fraser, discusses her health journey and how she was able to find her inner glow through nutrition, meditation, and healing. We’ll also get to hear how she’s taking action with her extensive knowledge to encourage and empower her clients to make meaningful, long-lasting shifts in their health for the better.

Kristin Fraser is the founder of Inner Glow Getter and she is known as the Inner Glow Coach. She teaches people how to do the inner clearing work to get the outer result using proven food and healing methods.


[2:47]: Kristin’s inspiring journey from depression to becoming the Inner Glow Coach

[14:16] Why nutrition isn’t just a surface-level problem you can just “fix”

[19:16] The energy “state” you’re in determines how you’ll succeed

[22:08] Enjoying abundance without over-accumulation/eating/doing

[28:00] How the Inner Glow Framework can be a used as a tool for success


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