How to Get Over Frustration and Find Your Way Back to Success


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When you get frustrated, what tends to happen?

Do you tend to run from your feelings?

Do you run from your tasks and responsibilities?

Do you abandon what you were doing?

These are normal responses to frustration. However, when we continue to stay frustrated over long periods of time, we can become caught in a cycle where we become even more frustrated because we’re not doing what we really want to be doing.

So, how do we overcome our sense of frustration so we can be productive again?

In this episode, you’ll learn about the relationship between how our emotions intersect with our mind and body, expert tips to overcome a spectrum of frustration-related emotions, and how to counter procrastination caused by frustration.


[5:03] - The relationship between our emotions and the mind and body

[9:09] - Training your brain to do the opposite and counter your procrastination

[12:48] - Beginning your new journey with kindness and clarity


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