How to Stop Settling and Build Your Dream Business and Life Instead with Michelle Fernandez


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Do you worry that you might be settling for less than you're capable of in your life or your career? Do you have a mean girl or mean guy voice inside your head telling you all the reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t or aren’t good enough? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this episode is one you need to stick around for. My special guest, Michelle Fernandez, is an entrepreneur who read the signs that were happening in her life, to leave the jobs that were not satisfying her fully in order to build the business that allowed her to work in her zone of genius, and to help her clients even more effectively.

Michelle Fernandez is a Facebook & Instagram Ad Strategist and Funnel Expert. Her marketing agency, Michelle Fernandez Media creates strategic ad campaigns and highly converting funnels for coaches, course creators & online experts. She is an expert in branding and a vital force behind the continued growth and scale of multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses. Michelle enjoys the strategizing process that takes place prior to running ads, and is a master at getting crystal clear on brand identity, messaging, and funnel strategy, ensuring maximum ROI for ad spend. She understands how to combine the most powerful organic, paid traffic, and funnel strategies to create a successful launch and scaling business.

• [8:38] Michelle realizes she is feeling stuck and has been settling for the 9 to 5
• [10:38] Michelle recalls when she was first exposed to coaching
• [12:59] Michelle talks about flicking the “mean girl” off her shoulder
• [15:30] The moment Michelle understood that she actually was in control

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