How to Tell If You're Experiencing Burnout


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Post-pandemic life: What’s it going to look like? It may be unsettling for some, it may be exciting for others. As we begin to navigate what life looks like outside of pandemic times, it’s important to remember how we’re feeling when we’re operating in situations that aren’t aligned with who we are or what we need. When we are frequently working out of alignment with ourselves, it can lead to... burnout.

Whatever the post-pandemic period looks like for you, our resilience has certainly been tested. I want you to feel proud of yourself and know that you’re doing your best. I hope that when you finish listening to this episode, you’ll be feeling a bit lighter and have some more forgiveness towards yourself for all that has transpired and in your heart.


[2:09] - Understanding burnout and what you might be feeling post-pandemic

[6:33] - How avoiding procrastination keeps our goals in sight

[7:16] - The emotional tug-of-war we play with our self-criticism

[11:03] - Using gratitude to shift your energy


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