Overcome Your Fear of Speaking to Become a Confident Communicator with Ellie Parvin


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Our words have power; the way we speak and act are tools for getting the things we want and creating impact. But why do so many of us hold our thoughts and ideas back? How do we get past those roadblocks to get the things we truly want?

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Ellie Parvin, a Communication Expert & Educator, (University Professor, Speaker, Author, Coach and course creator), who uses her skills and techniques to show others how to improve their lives for optimum success and to get what they want. She also teaches entrepreneurs how to improve their communication skills using LIVE video so they can connect with, persuade and move their audience to action and grow their business.

I learned so much from my conversation with Ellie and I can’t wait for you to learn how you can start leveling up your communication after listening to this week’s episode!

[2:52]: Ellie’s knack for communication

[21:04]: How our underlying fears keep us stuck

[26:23]: The impact of virtual communication in the workplace

[29:00]: Use this simple trick to improve your virtual communication

[32:43]: How to level up your communication when you’re already confident

[34:33]: The value of silence and pauses in speech

[41:43]: A recipe for success: plan, prep, and practice


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