The Key to Stress-Proof High Performance with Susan Choi


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Ambition has always been part of Susan Choi’s vocabulary. Although she’s a stress management coach now, she didn’t always know how to manage stress herself. Susan was overworked daily working in the corporate world, but a health scare made her realize that her definition of ambition needed to be rewritten. This episode describes her journey and how she slowly began to realize there was a lot more to life than achievement and the pursuit of success. You’ll learn more about how she was able to work towards a more renewed and stress-proofed future and how she now teaches others how to do the same for themselves.

My guest this week is Susan Choi, a High Performance Stress Management Coach and Podcast Host of STRESSPROOF, a TOP 100 Podcast in Mental Health on iTunes. She is the founder of the Stressproof Method™, a program that helps stressed out and sensitive leaders finally break free from emotional and mental limitations.

Susan currently works with startup sales executives, entrepreneurs, and other industry leaders worldwide.

[2:45] - How a health wake-up call made Susan question her ambitious nature

[9:57] - What is unnecessary stress and how it contributes to burnout

[11:12] - You don’t always have to believe everything you’re thinking

[15:08] - Understand what your upper limit is

[26:33] - Allow yourself to feel the ups and downs

[28:47] - Your reality is based on your perceived beliefs and filters. Learning how to become aware of that allows you to think more purposefully.


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