The Power of Being You: Rising above Your Fear of Judgment with Natasha Nurse


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When you begin to accept who you truly are, you begin to expand and grow. I’m not referring to the things others think you are, but you, the real you -- the you that you believe is your truest self. It’s when we begin to listen to ourselves, not others, where we begin to see the change and start understanding that we hold so much power when we stop worrying about what others think or say about us. Wondering or assuming what others want, need, and think creates a limit to who we can become as we are allowing them to take control of our thoughts, goals and how much we can truly motivate ourselves.

In this episode, Natasha Nurse speaks to us about her personal journey pushing the boundaries of her own self-belief. She teaches us how to see ourselves as being limitless and how to create impact and how to live our days without fear and judgment determining how we should get things done.

Natasha Nurse is a coach, magazine editor, licensed attorney, co-host of the WokeNFree podcast, and the founder of DressingRoom8. Her colorful life experiences led her to the area of diversity and inclusion which is one of the reasons she started DressingRoom8, a space for women who seek coaching and the opportunity to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin, physically and mentally.


[2:20] Natasha and her ever-expanding limitless mindset

[7:35] Why the power of fear holds us back

[12:25] When it comes down to it, the only thing stopping you from your goals is you

[14:21] Natasha’s experience working in diversity and inclusion and how she learned how to create change from the inside

[25:36] Question what is truly going to make you happy, and do it!


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