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What new habits are you itching to start? What do you know will be a good activity or project for you to invest your time and energy into? What might you gain from investing your best efforts into developing a new habit? This episode is for all of us -- warriors inside a pandemic -- coping with daily stresses while also attempting to live and to work at our best.

You will hear about how Dr. Li’s shoulder injury and pandemic weight gain created the chance for not only a new behavior (daily exercise), but also for discovering the essential pieces of new habit development and maintenance. Tune in to learn five lessons that you can use to succeed in your new habit journey and three ways to overcome the resistance that you might have about starting something that seems difficult to do.


  • [1:47] How Dr. Li ended up with a shoulder injury and several extra pounds during the past pandemic year
  • [4:12] The importance of having your purpose front and center
  • [6:49] How to put more energy behind your behavior change efforts
  • [7:41] Why your schedule needs to shift to make room for the new habit
  • [9:33] Adding some accountability to help ensure that you stay true to your word
  • [11:00] Why you want to feel like you’re acting crazy
  • [13:14] What your resistance probably looks like and how to overcome it


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