The Secret to Getting the Best Expression of Yourself with Carrie Hamm


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Figuring out who you really are and being able to be and act as the truest version of yourself can be so powerful in any and all areas of your life. When Carrie Hamm figured out living and breathing the corporate scene for over 20 years wasn’t for her anymore, she considered what she wanted to do next. As she had worked in a heavily male-dominated industry, it wasn’t until she discovered a women-only co-working space that she began to thrive. She started to notice the stark differences between working with the women she met in the co-working space, and this made her realize how different genders are raised in today’s society.

While spending more and more time working with women, she realized how much society influenced the thoughts and limits placed in the minds of girls and women. Many times we don’t express our true selves due to the influence of friend groups, family, and peers. However, when we learn how to manage how, when, and where we decide to invest our energy, that’s when our true selves begin to thrive.

In this week’s episode, I’m introducing you to Carrie Hamm, a business strategist and intuitive coach who helps entrepreneurs with a big vision to amplify their energy for massive impact and abundance. She draws on a 20+ year career in back-office software development combined with 20+ years as a Tibetan Buddhist meditator to dial in the business processes and expansive mindset needed for taking giant steps in scaling a business.

[2:12] The journey from corporate America to entrepreneur

[10:28] How we are conditioned growing up plays a factor in how we decide to take action and tackle our goals.

[17:23] Energy from past experiences might be holding you back, but you can still grow and transform into a new energy that will help you be the full expression of yourself.

[29:02] The smallest thing from your past could be what’s holding you back. Think about what factors are making you feel like you can’t use your full inner fire.

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