Want to Have a Magnificent Midlife? Here's How with Rachel Lankester


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Are you quaking in your boots thinking that time is passing you by and you're getting older by the minute? Take a deep breath and take a listen because I know that this episode is going to light you up!

My special guest this week is Rachel Lankester, author of Magnificent Midlife, Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond. Rachel also hosts the Magnificent Midlife podcast and is a midlife mentor and founder of Magnificent Midlife - An Online Club Celebrating and Empowering Women 40 and Over. Rachel’s own early onset menopause put her on a mission to change how society perceives women, and how women perceive themselves through midlife and beyond.

In this episode, Rachel shares the joys available to us during the period of our lives we call midlife and educates us on what all women can do to make sure they are thriving physically, mentally and emotionally in midlife.

If you want to develop a more positive self view and view of aging to be prepared... not scared of what is to come for you through midlife, this episode is for you! It certainly changed my mind about what is ahead for me in my life.


  • [3:54] Rachel talks about her diagnosis of early menopause at age 41
  • [5:51] “The end of my fertility has actually become the most fertile time of my life.”
  • [8:47] “We have been taught to believe that menopause is the end of meaningful life.”
  • [13:27] Rachel talks about ageism and shares a quote about ageism beginning between our ears
  • [16:27] Menopause, the average age of its onset, and fluctuating hormones
  • [24:25] Dr. Li recaps the top tips Rachel shared throughout the episode

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