#39:Infused vs Adulterated coffees, Cinnamon and Fermentation Failures


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As many of you know, we've started doing live hang out after the episodes on Discord a week after the podcast comes out. I find this valuable because I get to hear from listeners and we create our own podcast after the podcast together.

In the most recent gathering I had Felipe, Jose and Lucas from Ep 38 on the discussion so listeners of the podcast could ask them questions directly.
A few things stuck out to me from that conversation that I want to share here because what started as a fun hang out turned out to provide a key insight for coffee producers.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Tank Additions: Mango, lemons, cinnamon
  • Wine additions: sugar and acid
  • Transparency: what does it mean and who benefits
  • Enzymes vs Microbes like yeast and bacteria
  • How fermentation is like gravity

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