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Earlier this year, "Making Waves at C-Level" host Thom Singer was the host for the San Diego Angel Conference. This angel funding competition featured several amazing companies (many of which have now been guests on this podcast). This interview (Episode 654) is with the founder of Advocat Technologies, Pradnya Desh. Advocat won the $200,000 prize at this event.

About Advocat Technologies

Advocat Technologies is AI ENABLED LEGAL RESEARCH AND DRAFTING FOR ATTORNEYS. It is Conversation-driven to save hours of your time. At Advocat Technologies, they are inspired by lawyers who work hard to protect their clients, and make the world a better place. They believe that the legal services market in the US is broken—limiting access to a select few and pricing others out of the market or for others forcing them to limit their consumption of legal services to save costs. Advocat Technologies aims to change that using the power of artificial intelligence.

About Pradnya Desh

Pradnya Desh is the founder and CEO at Advocat Technologies, a conversational AI legal intake, research and drafting platform for in-house attorneys. She is a former US diplomat and a strong believer in the ability of the market to bring about positive results with clear goals and effective business practices. As a CEO, US diplomat and a legal adviser she is focused on promoting economic development through helping companies, communities and individuals produce positive outcomes by the choices they make.

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