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Episode 676 is an interview with Michelle Ray, the author of the new book "Leading In Real Time". In this conversation we talk about being ready, being responsive, and being relevant.

About Michelle Ray

How many people can identify with a predominantly negative leadership experience early in their careers? That was how Michelle Ray’s foray into the world of work began when she excitedly accepted a position in the media advertising industry while still living in Sydney, Australia. Upon hearing the words “you will never make it as a manager”, Michelle ignored her critical, misogynistic boss and worked her way up the leadership ladder, devoid of role models and mentors.

With a proven background in achieving outstanding results as a business leader, Michelle’s early experiences inspired to help leaders engage more meaningfully with their teams and create dynamic workplace cultures. She established her speaking, leadership training and consulting business in 1995, shortly after emigrating to Vancouver, Canada. Michelle has since worked as an in-demand keynote speaker and respected thought leader for an array of renowned brands, government organizations and diverse industry associations around the world.

In addition to her corporate background, Michelle broadened her leadership experience during her tenure as a program director with Junior Achievement. She secured financial commitments and volunteer support from numerous corporations, facilitating enduring partnerships between youth, entrepreneurs and educators that helped educate future generations about business.

Michelle is the author of Lead Yourself First! Indispensable Lessons in Business and in Life. She is also a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation in the speaking industry's international measure of professional platform skills. Her latest book: Leading in Real Time: How to Drive Success in a Radically Changing World, releases on September 23rd.



About The Book: Leading in Real Time: How to Drive Success in a Radically Changing World

In our world of constant technological and generational change, successful leadership requires transparency, parity, collaboration, and genuine connection with employees and customers.

Leadership expert Michelle Ray shows you how to shift your thinking around leadership to become effective in real time, and ready for the inevitable disruptions to come.

Packed with case stories, interviews, and real-life examples from Ray’s experience as a leader, international business speaker and educator, you’ll learn:

· How to identify and strengthen eight essential traits of a real time leader

· How to nurture authentic connections with the people you lead

· Why meaning is new motivation for the changing workforce

· How to improve your accountability and credibility quotient at a time when employees’ voices are rising.

Whether you are a tenured leader or just beginning your journey, it’s time to adopt a forward- thinking, future-ready leadership approach to remain responsive, ready and relevant. It’s time to start Leading in Real Time.




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