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Ep 655 is a conversation with LinkedIn expert Sandra Long. In this interview Thom Singer and Sandra share their experiences with using LinkedIn, and why it is an important tool for everyone in business.

About Sandra Long

Sandra Long is a global LinkedIn expert, consultant, author, and speaker. She is known for her book, speaking, and TEDx talk. Her best-selling book is LinkedIn for Personal Branding; The Ultimate Guide. Sandra presented the first-ever TEDx talk about LinkedIn in 2019. The 11-minute speech is called “LinkedIn Community: A Super-Power Hiding in Plain Sight” and is available on YouTube. She is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

Sandra and her company Post Road Consulting focus 100% on LinkedIn education and thought leadership. Their clients include sales teams, corporate C-Level executives, HR teams, universities, job seekers, and business owners.

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