Making Waves in Packaging with Verity CEO Kerri Leslie


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On this episode Thom sits down with Kerri Leslie and talks about how her company is changing packaging in the beauty and personal care space. Kerri was a finalist in the San Diego Angel Conference, and was completed her Angel round with the approx $100,000 she received.

About Verity

Verity is obsessed with creating truly sustainable packaging solutions within the beauty and personal care industry. They are on a mission to raise the standards in the packaging industry to minimize single-use plastics and waste. They pride ourselves on providing you the highest quality products that can be reused and recycled. Verity is shifting the paradigm- hello aluminum and stainless steel!

Being truly sustainable is CONFUSING! At Verity, they want to make it easy for you. Through their material selection, precise engineering, and innovation Verity has created a line of truly reusable and recyclable packaging. This is a movement to change the packaging industry and work toward a world without waste.

Industrial materials meant to last. Verity gathered an all-star team of engineers and industry experts to craft together fully reusable, recyclable, and hybrid solutions. With recyclability rates as high as 95%, aluminum and stainless steel are their key players to work toward a more sustainable future. Verity has done their research- and other “greener” alternatives (i.e. bioplastics, cardboards, etc) still produce waste when not disposed of properly. Rather than putting a bandaid on the problem, Verity aims to do their part in eliminating waste. Their products are truly sustainable solutions- and look good while doing so.


Solutions for everyone. No matter how big or small, Verity has a solution for companies of every size. Whether it's one of their catalog vessels or something custom, Verity works hard to make their packaging solutions accessible and approachable to all. Their end goal is to do our part to eliminate single use plastics and that can only be achieved if they create solutions that work for everyone. Verity understands that switching to sustainable packaging can be daunting, but they're here to help you through the process.

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