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Mindset and overcoming the things that are blocking you is key to success and fulfillment. In this episode Thom talks to mindset coach Malorie Nicole about ways to find your own path to health consciousness.

About Malorie Nicole

Malorie Nicole helps entrepreneurs and executives create mental clarity, fulfillment and growth in their lives. She is the host of a #1 Forbes rated podcast and spends her days dedicated to helping others remove the mental barriers they don’t realize are blocking them. She believes in using business for good, and that entrepreneurs can solve the problems of the world.

Malorie knows and has personally seen the silent suffering stigma in the high performing and entrepreneurial world. She knows the power of the brain and the relationship between past experiences and every day business and life problems and how they are deeply connected. Her passion is to help people heal the barriers that are preventing them from experiencing life and business in the most rewarding and enriching way possible.

From overcoming a traumatic brain injury, and battling major health issues all of these things eventually led to Malorie’s own personal growth journey.

She is fascinated and dedicated to understanding the science of behavior, habit, performance, and healing. She has been featured in numerous media platforms, many top rated podcasts, offering audiences a unique understanding of the power of the mind and how to become the most powerful version of yourself. She believes the best companies, business owners, and leaders are fully committed to their own personal development and growth.

When she’s not working on her business, she spends her time outdoors whether it be a trip to the mountains or tending to her extensive plant collection. After many years spent traveling, she’s enjoying a different phase of life at home with her family.


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