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Episode 666 is not the mark of the devil. This is a solo episode where Thom Singer will rant about success. Some listeners of the "Making Waves at C-Level" podcast pointed out it had been too long since Thom did episodes that were just him sharing ideas and his story, so he is working to re-instate these with weekly thoughts being shared.

Thom is a huge believer in the power of participation in trade association events. He has seen people in a variety of industries who have had more opportunity because they showed up and were part of the community. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. And all things being equal, your participation is key to success.

Collaboration is another pillar to success that too many people skip. Thom is so excited to be in partnership with others, as together they accomplish more. Sometimes it is just ideas and accountability... other times it is the creation of a new business product that neither person or company could have done alone.

Transformation is something all humans should want. Being stuck in a rut sucks. But transformation is not easy and it is hard to do alone. This ties back to participation and collaboration, and when we really change for the better and open new doors, the world gets better. Get excited and help lead everyone on your team to ways to positively transform.

Finally, Thom shares his concepts of "uncommon connections". Too many are focused on their social media followings, but when is the last time some like, link, share, or follow sent you business? It is more than links that lead to opportunity. Get off the bandwagon of counting LinkedIn followers, and look to those few and rare people with whom you are deeply engaged.

Enjoy this episode (yes, 666).

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