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Ep 653 is another visit to the cannabis industry and the world of packaging. In this case, beautiful wooden boxes for the display of different flavor profiles. Terps Perps' company mission is to optimize the cannabis shopper experience by simplifying the consumer education process. With six more states legalizing cannabis for commercial use since 4/20 last year, interest in cannabis culture across the United States is at an all-time high. However, barriers to entry for new consumers remain steep. Novice cannabis users must navigate a burdensome shopping environment that practically requires a glossary to understand: you have your types (indica, sativa, hybrid), cannabinoids (THC, CBD), new products (budder, shatter, bho, etc.), and of course, you have your terpenes.

That’s why Austin Wood, CEO of Humboldt County startup the Terp Perps , developed the “Canna Compass,” a chart that helps cannabis consumers break down terpene flavor profiles into transparent and reliable categories. A former tech startup entrepreneur, Mr. Wood first entered the world of cannabis through treatment for his colitis, and has since been inspired to move to Humboldt County on a mission to break down barriers for consumers and aspiring entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Austin provides commentary on how the cannabis supply chain and retail experience are being compromised in the current industry model.

In this episode the tells us that simplifying terpenes would do for future regulations and state legalization efforts. He shares his perspective on how cannabis retail can simplify messaging on strains and terpenes, and how state regulatory bodies can promote messaging consistency and consumer education via state dispensary licensing processes.

Hear the lessons learned from the local cannabis industry in Humboldt County (CA), and why he is modeling Terps Perps to embody many of the original values of the cannabis industry, including simple consumer messaging and education, as well as promoting organic production and a sustainable supply chain.


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