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Wellbeing is not one size fits all, and if you manage a team, their wellbeing matters to your bottom line. Some companies have even created the position of Chief Wellness Officer. On ep 659 Thom Singer talks to Dr. Brad Bongiovanni to talk about why all this matters.

About Brad Bongiovanni

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni is Head of Strategy at Med-IQ and Chief Wellbeing Officer for Wellbeing Science, LLC where he is responsible for research, speaking and education on the science of wellbeing. His work helps to set, support, and drive strategy with executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to cause the experience of wellbeing, drive performance and actualize their potential. Dr. Bongiovanni is a 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning professional and corporate speaker as well as media contributor to ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates on his expertise of the science and implementation of wellbeing.

Based on his 20+ years in medicine, he uses fascinating lessons about what really moves the needle on people reversing or controlling their chronic dis-eases to help them reclaim a state of deep well-being. His foundational lessons of love, purpose and connection have significant biologic substantiation in the scientific literature, which he curates for research, writing, and educational opportunities. He has presented on the science of love, purpose and connection and its relevance to antidoting chronic dis-ease to both lay and professional audiences internationally.

His work as a Wellbeing Architect helps people live better, longer, and more intentionally. He is husband to the kindest woman he knows and father to 2 humans & 2 four-legged fur kids. He lives in Milton GA, happens to be an AMAZING miniature golfer, an unapologetic fan of Neil Diamond, and is guilty of dancing in the grocery store if he hears a good disco song.


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