Brad Shore - Childhood Trauma, The Effects of Covert and Emotional Incest


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In this episode, we speak with Brad Shore (LMFT) a licensed therapist with knowledge and major insight into a relatively misunderstood form of abuse - covert/emotional incest and how to overcome the childhood trauma that often plagues victims into adulthood.
What is emotional incest?
Covert incest is a type of emotional abuse. It occurs when a parent regularly violates the normal boundaries between themselves and a child. Therapists often refer to this as emotional incest or “enmeshment.”

In an emotionally incestuous relationship, a caregiver depends on a child for emotional support. This reverses the norms of parenthood and means that the child has to prioritise the needs of the adult.

In some cases, the adult treats the child as if they are a romantic partner. However, what makes covert incest distinct from other types is that no sexual contact is involved.

Emotional incest is different from a parent or caregiver and a child having a close relationship. In cases of covert incest, closeness results from the adult prioritising their needs over those of the child, harming the child’s well-being.
The parent often instigates inappropriate conversations, divulging intimate secrets about their own dysfunctional relationship and those of a sexual nature.

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