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Loved this panel. Check them out on the episode and individually.

Hey. Sometimes people say words. And then other people get angry at them. And then we fight over whether the people who got angry were wrong to get so angry or if the people who said the words were wrong to say the words. WHO'S THE REAL VICTIM HERE? WHO DO I SHOOT? (Non-Trigger warning: There will be no shootings at the show).We'll be talking about political correctness. Is it a thing? Is it too much of a thing? Does it tarnish the good name of Politics? Is it even that correct?The people on this show. They're phenomenal. You are going to like them and it. And I'm going to like you for coming.These are their names.Jordan Temple@JordyPloy(MTV's Decodedhttp://jordantemple.flavors.me/#Joe Zimmerman@joezimmerman(Conan, Comedy Central Half Hour, Universe City Podcast)http://www.ZimmermanComedy.com/Joe Zimmerman@joezimmerman(Conan, Comedy Central Half Hour, Universe City Podcast)http://www.SarahKComedy.com/Rae Sanni@RaeSanni(It's About Us Podcast, KATG)http://ehraesalright.tumblr.com/

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