87: Religion (Live show)


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Holiest of Molies, get your rolliest of pollies to the showiest of showies! Ahem. All that is to say, we'll be talking religion at this month's Malignant Brain Humor. Our panel features comedic voices from the religious to the non. Bring your Jewish guilt, your catholic shame or your non-denominational self-esteem and enjoy the show! As always, if you have comedy vids that you especially like which touch on or around the subject, please post them below! I will watch them and be available to discuss them here or in person at the show. Religiolously yours, Mike On the show this month we've got: Myq Kaplan @MyqKaplan (Conan, Letterman, Ferguson, Comedy Central, Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myq_Kaplan)) http://myqkaplan.com/ Sarah Pappalardo @yourpappalardo (Co-founder of Reductress, Second City, IO Chicago) http://www.sarahpappalardo.com/ TJ Young @ThatTJ (The Beards of Comedy, Comedy Central, MSN) http://www.thattj.com/ Andrew Tavin @AndrewTavin (Awooga Comedy, Podcast Monsters, College Humor) http://andrewtavin.tumblr.com/ Also, Dominic has a degree in theology, so this could get real fuckin' real. :D

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