MBHumor 47: Dave Hill


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Dave Hill: This American Life contributor, Twitter maven, King of Miami and all around Raconteur is on the show.

Dave Hill Online: http://www.davehillonline.com/

Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dave-hills-podcasting-incident/id382356132

Tasteful Nudes: http://www.amazon.com/Tasteful-Nudes-Misguided-Validation/dp/1250002036


The conversation surrounding a rape joke I mentioned on the show can be found on my facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/mikeblejer/posts/740904534254

and if you'd like, check out my own contribution to comedy dealing with the topic of sexual violence here: http://www.thedailydolt.com/2013/02/28/university-of-north-carolina/


And as always, music from the episode and others can be found at: Http://soundcloud.com/mblejer

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