116: How a Goodwill Wine company is giving back with David Laity


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In this episode, we talk to David Laity. He is the CEO of Goodwill Wine, an organisation that gives back 50% of everything they earned to charities their customers are passionate about. All of their wine is vegan and we took a look at what makes a wine vegan and what some wineries might add other than grapes to not be classified as vegan.

During this episode, we take a look at how David was inspired to give back after a devastating fire. We also talk about their quirky wine labels, what inspired it and how you can do good by having a glass of their vino ad supporting an organisation close to your heart.

Episode 085 with Leif Cocks, the founder and president of the Orangutan Project.

Where can people find David?







We have turned that $15,000 that we were given way back at the start into $350,000 we have donated.

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