119: How 1 Million Women is making a difference with Natalie Isaacs


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In this episode, we talk to Natalie Isaacs. She is the founder and CEO of 1 Million Women and the author of Every woman’s guide to saving the planet and has was won the Australian Geographics Conservationist of the Year.

During this episode, we find out how important it is to find your tribe. We talked about the inspiration behind finding 1 Million Women as well as Natalie’s book, “Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the planet”. We also find out how we can vote with our money with not just the way we spend our money, but also how we bank our money.

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Where can people find Natalie?


Instagram - 1 Million Women

Instagram - Natalie Isaacs





Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet

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“1 Million Women is a movement, where we are all in this together and we have one end goal and that is to act on climate change through everything we do.”

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