204: Jeff Risley: Marketing with Emotional Intelligence


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Joining us today is Jeff Risley, the Chief Growth Officer at Saxum. With 30 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategy, consulting, sales, organizational growth, and relationship building, combined with the drive to create a better world, Jeff is here to help you make some meaningful change in your business when it comes to sales credibility and marketing.

In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Jeff discuss:

· How marketing can help boost sales

· Why sales professionals need to behave more like doctors than salespeople

· Tips on keeping up with the changing marketing landscapes

· How he guides clients to producing business results that are for the greater good-Purpose Driven Business

· How to create a common language with your team to encourage greater emotional intelligence in the workplace.

"The #1 mistake managers and leaders make is not being emotionally intelligent. We have for so long rewarded thinking intelligences -- hard skills. But leadership and management are about people, and people are emotional beings. The more managers and leaders learn how to be more self aware and relate to people with empathy, active listening and the right amount of support and challenge, the better they will be at getting the best out of people." - Jeff Risley

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