Killing Time (Link #553)


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Speaker: Ashveen Bucktowar. Ashveen reflects on how the contemplation of impermanence clarifies our priorities and deepens our appreciation for our precious human birth. The pandemic of the past year, which has heightened our awareness of death, has encouraged us to clarify our priorities, align our intentions with our actions and simplify our lives to make more time for the Dharma. It reminds us that, while we cannot control external circumstances, we can always make our own choices and direct our karma. It reminds us of the three certainties: that we will die; that we cannot predict how or when we will die; and that at the time of our death only our practice of the Dharma will matter. Beyond this, the contemplation of death and impermanence enriches our lives by reminding us of the beauty and value of our lives and our relationships with others.

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