121 // What Is The Right Way To Lose Weight?


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So what weight loss strategy do I actually do? The way that I notice perceive weight loss is that there’s one right way to do it.

Should I count calories? Or is that bad? Do I cut out carbs and sugar or go vegetarian. Should I drink metabolism boosting tea? I need the solution please help me! Like there’s a cookie cut program that will be the magical solution for everyone.

But the perception is wrong - there isn’t this one right way to eat or diet or lose weight that is for everyone. The thing is with diets - are you able to sustain it and what is your relationship to it?? I also talk about consistency and why people's perception of consistency is all wrong.

People’s perception of weight loss is focused on the quick fix. Even if you don’t think you are most of the time people are.

Emotions are the foundation for weight loss. Emotions are the foundation for everything.



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