125 // The Truth About Getting Your Revenge Body


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Energy work is the foundation of changing anything in your life.

At some point in your life, a family member or love interest has made a nasty comment about your weight. Or your Ego could be telling you the story that you will only be accepted by anyone if you look a specific way.

It makes you want to prove them wrong and fight for what you want. It’s called resentment energy. The best way to get rid of resentment energy is to actually forgive the people who put the resentment in your mind.

To be able to have sustainable weight loss, you need clarity, not resentment to be the leading force in your mind.

The whole idea of a revenge body stems from resentment and Ego.

And while the results from Ego-influenced weight loss might give you the high that you crave, it won’t last for long. These feelings aren’t sustainable. Once you have accomplished your “mission,” your purpose for having lost the weight will also disappear. Which can put you into a diet yo-yo.

And then there is the whole issue of why do you want others to feel the regret?

It’s a very layered subject: the revenge body.

But another large problem is that it creates resistant energy.

Resistant energy creates massive problems. In not only being able to lose the weight, but it also leads to you losing the weight in a way that self-harms.

None of it makes you feel aligned, nor does it work for very long.

You want to try and see the deeper layers of your want to lose weight. What do you really need to work on?

Lastly, you need to forgive and clear the energy. Weight loss should be all about Love.



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