130 // Handling Anxiety & Weight Loss Worries During a Pandemic


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Your emotions are valid.

Many people are worried about how they are going to carry through with their normal lives right now as we adjust to a new normal, social distancing.

It is alright to be worried about your weight loss goals when there are so many other changes in the world right now too. You aren’t able to get out in public as much and be your busy self. Aren’t walking at work or to work, and don’t have the things to keep you busy and distracted from your emergency food stash you also probably have built as well in preparation for being in quarantine for multiple weeks.

But the biggest danger to your weight loss goals (and personal sanity!) is that you will create a reality for yourself that go against what you really want.

That you will create a reality where you are bound to gain weight.

That you will create a reality where the social distancing will damage your mental health.

But you need to remember, your circumstances DO NOT create your Reality.

You Do.

You don’t want to live in a world where you don’t get to decide and don’t have a choice.

You create the rules.

You need to get to the seed of your weight gain worries. These are what feed your decisions and your beliefs. And in turn, create your reality.

For me, laziness would drive me to eat. I had to become aware of the circumstances that would trigger my brain to eat and change how I handled them.

During quarantine, it is OK to feel anxiety. It is OK to feel panic. It is OK to feel scarcity around money. It’s OK to honor those emotions.

Just remember, you have access to other emotions too.

You can access abundance. You can access security in that you are safe in your home.

You have access to any feeling that YOU WANT TO FEEL.



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