ANNIE SULLIVAN - A Curse of Gold


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Today’s guest grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. She received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Butler University, and under intense pressure, she will confess to having a lifetime love of fairy tales. She also loves to travel… and can lay claim to having set foot on all 7 continents… which sounds like a secondary adventure that we’ll just have to explore. Currently, she works as the Senior Copywriter at John Wiley & Sons, Publishing Company. Prior to her current role, she also served in the company’s Editorial and Publicity positions. In 2019 she published a Young Adult adventure, featuring an arrogant warrior princess, who has to wrestle with some very difficult decisions and the fallout from choices made. In 2020, she published Book #1 in a series built from the legendary tales of King Midas and the previously untold tales of his young daughter. Today, we’re going to step into the pages of that series and listen to the heartbeat, with it the talented authored who gave it life. Please welcome our tour guide for today’s adventure, Annie Sullivan…

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