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In episode #1521, Eric and Neil share their takes on the number one way to scale your marketing. Eric explains why he thinks you should start with a great culture, and Neil offers his insights into documentation and processes. Be sure to tune in today!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: The Number One Way to Scale Your Marketing.
  • [00:37] Eric’s scaling tip – Look at what the big companies are doing around culture.
  • [01:05] The link between good culture, marketing, and scaling.
  • [01:55] A team of very good marketers is still better than one outstanding individual.
  • [02:35] Neil’s scaling tip – Make processes around things that are working.
  • [03:09] Break down the things that don’t work and lessons learned.
  • [03:47] Get the mundane stuff in order.
  • [03:57] Resources to learn about scaling.
  • [04:31] That’s it for today!
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