7 Simple Facebook Ad Hacks For The Rest of 2020 | Ep. #1525


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In episode #1425, we share seven simple Facebook ad hacks that will still work well for the rest of 2020. One of the best sources of inspiration are platforms like Facebook Ad Library or Adbeat, and keep ads interesting by rotating them frequently. Tune in to hear how you can make your cold traffic warm!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Seven Simple Facebook Ad Hack for the Rest of 2020.
  • [00:33] Implement the set-it-and-forget-it-retargeting strategy.
  • [01:12] Why you should go for the reach objective rather than the conversion objective.
  • [01:34] Remember to do audience swops – it’s an easy way of expanding your audience.
  • [02:02] Hear an example of how the boomerang ad can be utilized.
  • [02:43] Make the cold ad traffic warm by sending them to educational content first.
  • [03:14] Draw inspiration from other sources like the Facebook Ad Library and Adbeat.
  • [03:38] Get into the habit of creating files with content where you can get ideas from.
  • [04:11] When people leave before buying, show them to a marketing video about the offer.
  • [04:45] Rotate your ads to keep them fresh, even an older one that converted well in the past.
  • [05:44] That’s it for today!
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