How to Prevent Problems in Your Business Before They Happen | Ep. #1523


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In episode #1523, we give you the most important tips for avoiding problems in your business. Your business needs to become a self-sufficient entity that is not dependent on just one person. To this end, it is important to create processes for the things that work and to document the things that do not, so that it can be applied by anyone entering the organization. Tune in to hear how implementing an operating system will help you get a grip on your company!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Prevent Problems in Your Business Before They Happen.
  • [00:31] In the early days of business, it feels like you are constantly putting out fires.
  • [00:42] When you only attend to the urgent, you neglect what is important.
  • [01:05] Create processes for the successful ways of scaling your marketing.
  • [01:18] For things that do not work, collect the data for why it didn’t work.
  • [01:49] When your business starts growing, follow an operating system like Traction.
  • [02:24] An operating system will teach you how to set a cadence for your company each week.
  • [02:56] It is about identifying long-term issues and putting solutions in place.
  • [03:25] Ask yourself each quarter what you should stop, start, and keep doing.
  • [03:49] The importance of making your business defensible.
  • [04:08] Try to learn from the mistakes that others have made by reading business books.
  • [04:50] Learn from CEO interviews or by joining peer groups.
  • [05:24] That’s it for today!
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