What You Should Keep Doing as a Marketer | Ep. #1506


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In episode #1506, we tell you what to keep doing to be successful in the marketing space. Whatever you are doing that is driving results right now, keep going that and find ways to double down. Tune in to hear why you should keep experimenting with new ideas to keep ahead in the forever-changing world of marketing!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: What You Should Keep Doing As A Marketer.
  • [00:36] Why you must keep creating content consistently for a long time.
  • [01:01] Keep doing whatever is working for you and double down on it.
  • [01:21] As a manager, remember to also focus on the problems your team is experiencing.
  • [01:55] When you care for people, the best ones will stay longer and perform better.
  • [02:12] Keep experimenting because what works now might not work later.
  • [03:04] The importance of having strong opinions but being willing to change your mind.
  • [03:24] Keep in touch with people on a personal level and keep networking.
  • [04:21] Always continue to learn through articles, networking events, conferences, etc.
  • [04:42] That’s it for today!
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