How to 10x Your Launch Without Growing Your List or Spending Money on Ads – In Just 7 Minutes with Laura Sprinkle


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Discover how partnerships can help you save less, and market more Find out how creating an affiliate partner program can grow out your revenue 10x more Learn more about the value of building business relationships with your list Resources/Links: Check out Laura’s Website: Summary Are your expenses on marketing more than your profit or revenue? Do you want to know the secret on how you can make 10x more revenue while spending less to none on ads? Have more students in your course, more money in your pocket, and more fun in your launches! Laura Sprinkle is an affiliate partnerships strategist who specializes in working with digital course creators. She has helped seven-figure industry leaders and budding entrepreneurs garner over $14 million in partner revenue. In this episode, Laura talks about how you can spend less, or zero, on ads and increase your revenue through referrals and partnerships. Check out these episode highlights: 01:19 - Laura’s ideal client: “It's a great question. My ideal client is somebody who has a proven product or program, so they have a digital course or they have a digital membership that has getting people results and has already made them money.” 01:38 - Problem Laura helps solve: “I help them 10x their revenue through creating an affiliate partner program. That's a dead giveaway on how to 10x the revenue.” 02:13 - Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Laura: “I would say one of two things. They either are not getting enough leads in the door. So that's, you know, a typical marketing thing. They want more eyeballs on their free stuff, they want more eyeballs on their paid programs, so just more volume.” 03:09 - Common mistakes that people make before they find Laura’s solution: “some of the common mistakes are simply setting up an affiliate link and sending it out to people and thinking, "Oh, magic. Done." You're laughing cause- for a reason, probably. The other thing that they do is maybe spend a ton of money on Facebook ads and testing in that way when they could use partnerships instead, to grow without putting a bunch of money into it.” 03:47 - Laura’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): “I would make a list of everybody that you already know because oftentimes people will think, "Oh, well, I need to go find the person with the biggest audience. I don't know anybody yet." So, make a list of who are your current students that are already referring you? Who are your clients that love you? Who are your best business friends that could refer people to you? And start to build those relationships even deeper.” 04:28 - Laura’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Check out Laura’s Website: 05:18 - Q: Why I do what I do? A: For me, everything that I do is values-based. So, for me, not only does my ideal client have an amazing product that's getting people results, and they care about the people that are getting results. Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode: “Start to build those relationships even deeper. Now, do not wait until you've got an affiliate program for them. Start to build relationships.” -Laura SprinkleClick To Tweet Transcript (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast) Tom Poland 00:09 Greetings, everyone. Another very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland, beaming out to you from Little Castaways Beach here in Queensland, Australia, joined today by Laura Sprinkle. Laura, good day. Very warm welcome. Where are you hanging out? Laura Sprinkle 00:23 I am in Portland, Maine, in the US. Tom Poland 00:26 Portland, Maine, and congratulations on your brand spanking new prison. Well, let's not go there.

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