How to Build, Live, and Give – In Just 7 Minutes with Paul Higgins


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Find out the secrets to let you stand out in the market How to name your price as an established authority and not charging based on what the market perceives Find out why even if your work could speak for itself, no one would hear it, and why the need for you to be proactive Resources/Links: Get a full report on what you need to focus on to turn your business into a high 7 figure business in 2021. Click here: Summary Are you up for selling your business but couldn’t for lack of a repeatable sales system? Is your personal life compromised for working too many hours, and you can’t hand off sales to anyone? Do you get burned by people who try to fix things, over-promise but under-deliver? Paul Higgins is a High Performing Business Mentor, podcaster, and published author who helps 7 Figure Business Owners with Sales & Teams so they can BUILD LIVE & GIVE. He has 27 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, finishing up an 18-year gig at The Coca-Cola Company as a Director. In this episode, Paul shares how to build a business with a repeatable sales system so you can sell easily. He also talks about having a business that funds your lifestyle while allowing you to give to others. Check out these episode highlights: 01:13 - Paul’s ideal client: “My ideal client is a service-based business owner, like you said, high six, early sevens, and a couple of particular ones that I normally work with outsourcing companies, consultants, and also with tech resellers.” 02:09 - The problem Paul helps solve: “he key thing is sales. So most of them have done exceptionally well to get to that high-six, seven figures, but it's predominantly relied upon them, sales, and they really haven't systemized it. So they leave the business. They can't get any more sales. They’re also relying upon referrals, which has been great up to now but they're very lumpy..” 02:57 - The symptoms people experience before they realize they need Paul’s expertise: “OMost of them have got an aspiration to sell their business. And as you know, it's very hard to sell your business if you don't have a repeatable sales system. So they hit the ceiling in their aspirations; they just can't get to their aspiration. The other is, they're working too many hours because they can’t hand off sales. So they just continue to do that. And that has an impact upon their personal life. The other thing is that they often get burned by people that say they're going to fix it. They just get burned a lot of money on agencies who over-promise and under-deliver.” 04:12 - The common mistakes people make when they're trying to solve that best-kept secret problem: “There are normally two big ones, and one is that they go and just hire a salesperson often a person that's probably got more experience and is used to a business where a lot of it is systemized. They come in; they find out there's hardly any systems, the owners are too busy to give them that information; it just turns into not a great situation, and they leave. And the other one is when they say, 'Hey, why don't I just bring someone in?' This person sounds great. And they can just make commission-only sales for me. So there's no risk to me; they take all the risk. And I don't know how many times someone's tried that. I'm yet to find someone where that's really worked.” 06:17 -Paul’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The first one is, and it's a bit overused, but I think it's got relevance today, is a sales funnel. That's number one, two, is selling successfully on social, right? So, LinkedIn, massive B2B, but there are so many people that haven't been taught how to do it, and it is a skill to learn. But if you do learn that skill, you can get enormous success. The last one is referral partners. Even with LinkedIn, now you're trying to get individuals,

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