How to Pre-Condition Prospects to Hire You Before They Meet with You – In Just 7 Minutes with Michael DeLon


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Discover how to establish, market, and monetize your credibility get ready and avoid making a premature proposition Find out how authenticity can get you more and promising prospects in the market Learn how by increasing your credibility, you'll increase your sales, because prospects will see you differently Resources/Links: Check out Michael’s Credibility Calculator: Summary How do your prospects see you? Do they look at you as a credible expert...or do you look just like your competitors? Prospects "look" at you before they hire you. If you "look" like everyone else, there's no reason for them to hire you, so you lose the sale. Michael DeLon is the 'credibility creator'. He helps business professionals transform into recognized experts by helping them establish, market, and monetize their credibility. In this episode, Michael shares his insights on how credibility is important in pre-conditioning prospects in the market. He also shares how understanding your prospects and seeing your authenticity can lead you to more promising prospects and business growth. Check out these episode highlights: 01:29 - Michael’s ideal client: “My ideal client is a professional service provider. So, think financial advisor, attorney, chiropractor or coach, someone who sells through a consultative approach, and really wants to influence prospects to hire them before they ever have that first meeting.” 02:05 - Problem Michael helps solve: “So the problem we solve is that most business professionals look like all of their competition, right? They have a similar message; they have similar offerings. And from the prospect’s perspective, well, they all look the same! It's a lot like the "Where's Waldo?" puzzles, right? When your prospect doesn't have a compelling reason to choose you over your competition, they hire someone else, and you don't gain a client.” 03:25 - Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Michael: “Yeah, well, they're losing sales that they know they should be making. they're having a lot of initial conversations with prospects, but they aren't closing the sale, and they're not sure why.” 04:34 - Common mistakes that people make before they find Michael’s solution: “They look for answers in all the wrong places. Okay, so when you think the answer to your problems out there in the marketplace, so a new social media platform, a new funnel, a new website, you're going to be disappointed, okay? Because the answer is found by looking into the mind of your prospect and understanding how they see you and when you can influence how they see you versus your competition, your business is going to grow.” 06:51 - Michael’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): “Just remember people buy who you are more or so than what you do, so discover your core story. Why do you do what you do? And tell that through all of your marketing.” 07:07 - Michael’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Check out Michael’s Credibility Calculator: 07:54 - Q: What's the biggest thing I've learned in marketing? A: The biggest thing I've learned in marketing is that the marketing battleground is not out there. It's in the mind of the prospect. And when you learn how to influence how people think about you, everything changes. Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode: “The marketing battleground is not out there. It's in the mind of the prospect. And when you learn how to influence how people think about you, everything changes.” -Michael DeLonClick To Tweet Transcript (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast) Tom Poland 00:09 Greetings everyone and a very warm welcome to Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland,

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