How to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret and Start Earning the Rewards You Deserve – In Just 7 Minutes with Brett Jarman


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Find out the secrets to let you stand out in the market How to name your price as an established authority and not charging based on what the market perceives Find out why even if your work could speak for itself, no one would hear it, and why the need for you to be proactive Resources/Links: Find your angle. Access your free content creation matrix. Click here: Summary Have you been wondering why, despite having excellent work, nothing is happening to your business? Do you find yourself always comparing your price with what the market perceives? Are you experiencing irregular cash flows and going the feast and famine route? Have you been working on tasks that don’t move the needle in your business? Are you not getting any referrals? Brett Jarman is a business strategist and the Founder of Help Me Leverage, providing training and coaching for business, and the Founder of Experts On Air, a podcast production agency. In this episode, Brett helps you become not just the best-kept secret but one that stands out in the market. He shares how to name your price as an established authority by making people pay for the value you provide more than your product’s features and benefits. Check out these episode highlights: 01:13 - Brett’s ideal client: “My ideal clients are business owners or leaders who usually, they're selling their expertise. Often, they'll be a consultant or a coach, someone providing professional services, or, and increasingly over recent months and years, there might be an executive who's looking to expand, build their personal brand, and maybe start a portfolio career.” 01:42 - The problem Brett helps solve: “I help them stop being the best-kept secret. I help them stand out from the crowd and claim their authority in the marketplace.” 02:22 - The symptoms people experience before they realize they need Brett’s expertise: “One of the first symptoms is irregular cash flow. The second symptom is that they're having to compete on price or negotiate price with the clients. Third symptom is they're probably either getting no referrals or only getting what I call first-degree referrals. And then probably the fourth most important symptom is they find that they're often busy working on tasks that don't actually move the needle in the business.” 04:55 - The common mistakes people make when they're trying to solve that best-kept secret problem: “They don't think they have time to market themselves. The truth is, they don't actually need time, they need a system, they need a good process.” 06:18 - One Valuable Free Action (VFA) Brett recommends: “I would say, start a podcast. And now we'll put the emphasis on the word free there. People don't realize that you can actually start a podcast for absolutely no cost.” 06:52 - Brett’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): 07:22 - Q: Why are people so reluctant to promote themselves? A: We're driven by subconscious programming. Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode: “Features and benefits, they can always be beaten, competitors can always either match or beat them. You're better off to rely on your reputation, build trust in the market, then rely on features and benefits.” -Brett JarmanClick To Tweet Transcript (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast) Tom Poland 00:09 Greetings everyone and a very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible. My name is Tom Poland joined today by Brett Jarman, a fellow Australian. Brett, welcome. Where are you hanging out? Brett Jarman 0:22 Good morning, Tom. I'm just down the coast from you in Byron Bay. Tom Poland 0:26 Beautiful place. I think I called it Byron Bay,

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