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Hello Martinis and Your Money Listeners! Today is the second Friday in April and in case you didn’t know, April is Financial Literacy Month or what we like to call our favorite time of year at The Financial Gym. An entire month that’s focused on the importance of financial literacy. I always say that financial literacy is just as important as regular literacy and while there are so many resources for us out there to get better at it, I still feel as though we have a financial literacy crisis in the US. Every day new clients come to the Financial Gym feeling shame because they aren’t as adept in their personal finance knowledge as think they should be and my response is always the same. Why should you feel confident? Most of us didn’t learn about personal finance at home, at school, or on the job, yet the second we start receiving paychecks, we’re responsible for managing our money and navigating the world of personal finance.

This month on the podcast, I’m addressing a particular area of finance that our clients find the most challenging. Today we’re talking about investing and joining me is Author and Board Member of Better Investing, Ionnie McNeill. She joins me to share how she learned investing at an early age and how we can all make the learning process fun and approachable for the entire family.

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