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Hello Martinis and Your Money Listeners! At the Financial Gym, when a client experiences a positive financial health result after joining the Gym like maybe getting a raise or an unexpected bonus, we call it “Gym Magic.” Gym Magic and helping our clients find it and believe in it is so important to us that it’s a core value of the Gym. For over eight years now, I’ve witnessed the magic firsthand and every single one of my teammates has seen it as well. And I’m so excited to share with you that for the month of November, we’re going to share some of that Magic with you. This month I’m talking to clients and teammates who have truly experienced and witnessed results that are nothing short of magic and their stories and journeys are just what we need for this crazy time in life. Kicking off the month with me today is Kathy. Kathy started as a client who literally left dozens of negative comments about the Gym after a horrible first impression on our part. Thankfully, we worked through the challenges and you’ll hear how far she’s come in almost two years.

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