Made by Malyia Update with Malyia McNaughton


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Shannon has done over 400 shows now and many listeners frequently ask about update episodes with past guests. You want to know how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to since they last spoke, so for the month of February, Shannon’s doing just that. She’s checking in with a number of past guests and you are not going to believe what they’ve been up to and where life has taken them since their last episodes.

Joining Shannon today is Malyia, founder of Made By Malyia. When we last heard from her, it was at the beginning of the pandemic and she was managing supply chain challenges for her growing jewelry business. She has been on an unbelievable ride ever since and we’re so excited for you to hear what she’s up to now.

Listen to Malyia’s first episode here, which aired in August 2020.

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